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A DUI can be a very traumatic experience for anyone. A DUI charge is a criminal offense for which the penalties can be severe. The penalties for DUI offenses depend on the classification of the charge. A first offense DUI is the least punitive offense unless there were aggravating circumstances. DUI laws and penalties have changed drastically over the past twenty years and it is imperative that you understand your rights during this difficult time. 


Driver's License Reinstatement matters can be extremely difficult to navigate following a conviction for DUI or a death-related traffic offense. If you plead guilty to the charge of DUI and are placed on a probation or conditional discharge, the Illinois Secretary of State's office will revoke your driving privileges for a minimum of one-year. However, you may qualify for a Restricted Driving Permit (RDP) during your revocation. Call us today for a consultation.


Proper estate planning can help you prepare your loved ones for your death. When a person dies, the decedent's assets or property passes to the decedents heirs or legatees through a will or by statute. A will does not help a person avoid probate, but rather informs the Court who the beneficiaries are. Not all estates are handled through probate. For example when a person dies with a small estate, assets such as motor vehicles can be transferred out of the decedent's name with a small estate affidavit. Medium to larger-sized estates that involve the transfer or distribution of real estate and personal property will most likely require that a probate estate be opened in the Circuit Court. Estate planning alleviates problems that arise after your death and ensures that your directives are followed.


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